As the main referral centre and provider of 80% of all specialized services for Prince Edward Island, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is the heart of health care on PEI.

It is only through the support of generous donors that the QEH Foundation can fulfill its important mission of raising funds for medical equipment for our Island’s largest hospital. This continued support ensures our health care professionals can continue to provide the highest level of care possible for our friends and families here—at home—in PEI.

As with any hospital, medical equipment needs are great, and ongoing. Medical equipment reaches its end of life much sooner than in the past, and with advances in medical procedures and technologies, our needs continue to grow as we serve the entire Island through a number of provincial specialties here at the QEH.


Biosafety Cabinet:
The provincial laboratory, located at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, benefits from donor-funded medical equipment that has proven essential during the coronavirus pandemic. As laboratory staff continues their extraordinary and laborious test analyses, there is a need for additional equipment to support their efforts and ensure their safety. The cost of this biosafety equipment is approximately $30,000.

A biosafety cabinet is designed to protect staff and the surrounding environment from exposure to potentially hazardous viruses and bacteria. This ventilated workspace allows for the safe handling of samples in a controlled environment.

There is a current need for two cabinets at the provincial laboratory. In addition to a new cabinet that will increase laboratory capacity, there is also a need to replace the current cabinet that is being used exclusively for COVID-19 testing.

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Rapid response time for emergency retinal surgeries can mean the difference between restoring normal vision and losing a significant portion of one’s sight. Surgeries for retinal diseases and detachment cannot currently be performed on Prince Edward Island, which resulted in 786 out-of-province visits to Halifax and Quebec City last year alone. Some elderly Islanders have recently abstained from travelling for surgeries due fear of contracting COVID-19, which puts them at risk of permanently losing sight in their affected eyes. There is an urgent need for surgical equipment to perform sight-saving surgeries for Islanders. The cost of the required equipment is approximately $310,000.

COVID-19 and Retinal Surgeries
In addition to the fear of contracting COVID-19, significant financial barriers deter patients from travelling out of province for vision-restoring surgeries. Patients, and an accompanying driver, may incur costs of accommodations, travel, and time away from work. Anyone travelling to Quebec City is currently required to self-isolate upon return to PEI, which can add additional financial burden or unavailability. Retinal diseases disproportionately affect elderly Islanders, some of whom have recently elected not to travel for surgery.

Surgical Equipment
The QEH Ophthalmology department requires three pieces of equipment to perform surgeries for retinal detachment in Prince Edward Island.

  1. A vitrectomy machine to remove vitreous in a controlled environment.
  2. A cryotherapy machine to freeze retinas and induce healing.
  3. A biom visualizing system which allows for a clear visualization of the retina during an operation.

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To learn more about our current equipment needs please feel free to call the Foundation at 902-894-2425. You can also donate toward a specific piece of equipment online, by clicking here.