As the main referral centre and provider of 80% of all specialized services for Prince Edward Island, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is the heart of health care on PEI.

It is only through the support of generous donors that the QEH Foundation can fulfill its important mission of raising funds for medical equipment for our Island’s largest hospital. This continued support ensures our health care professionals can continue to provide the highest level of care possible for our friends and families here—at home—in PEI.

As with any hospital, medical equipment needs are great, and ongoing. Medical equipment reaches its end of life much sooner than in the past, and with advances in medical procedures and technologies, our needs continue to grow as we serve the entire Island through a number of provincial specialties here at the QEH.


Thyroid Uptake Scanner:
There is an immediate need for a new Thyroid Uptake Scanner, an important piece of equipment used for diagnosing thyroid conditions and monitoring the wellbeing of technologists. The current scanner is past its life expectancy and COVID-19 has temporarily suspended the national monitoring program that ensures the accuracy of this older equipment. The cost of a replacement Thyroid Uptake Scanner is $25,000.

An isolette is a clear enclosed crib that maintains a warm environment for sick or preterm babies who cannot maintain body heat. The isolette allows for continuous visual monitoring of infants in the care of QEH NICU staff. There is a current need for one isolette at a total cost of $35,000. Your support comforts and protects the hospital’s most precious patients in their first days of life.

Pediatric Scales: 
Each year, approximately 1,200 babies require care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Medical grade scales are invaluable tools for care of these babies, as frequent and accurate measurements are involved in many aspects of pediatric medicine.  There is a current need for five scales at a total cost of approximately $45,000.

To learn more about our current equipment needs please feel free to call the Foundation at 902-894-2425. You can also donate toward a specific piece of equipment online, by clicking here.