Automated CPR Device

You did it!

Thanks to an outpouring of generosity from the community, and a gift from Maximum Canada – Deltaware Division, an Automated CPR Device is on order for the QEH Emergency Department. 

You might have noticed that we exceeded our $17,000 goal for the Automated CPR Device – WOW! We continue to receive donations today, even after the announcement that the goal was reached. If you are like those donors and just want to show support for the amazing staff in the QEH Emergency Department, they certainly still have equipment needs. Most specifically, a video laryngonscope [lar-ring-go-scope] – a video guided intubation device to assist in opening difficult airways.

Our community is amazing – ThankQ!

When a patient experiencing cardiac arrest arrives in the ER, members of the team each take two-minute shifts performing these compressions, which can be exhausting – both physically and emotionally. This new, Automated CPR Device, will take over those compressions, and allow the health care team to focus on other emergency needs of that patient.