Every year the QEH Annual Friends for Life Campaign focuses on raising funds to purchase priority medical equipment to assist the QEH hospital family in providing the best health care possible. Support from the community enables us to purchase life-saving, up-to-date medical equipment and technology to care for all Islanders in times of need. The campaign was officially on November 8, 2o18. Visit here for the details.

Essentially 100% of on-going medical equipment needs are funded by donations. Gifts of all sizes make a huge impact on patients of the QEH, their families, friends and communities. Please give today, and join an inspired community invested in health care in Prince Edward Island. 

2018/19 Priority Medical Equipment 

This year, a top campaign priority is a new $1.5 million CT Scanner.

CT Scans are used in almost every aspect of medicine but are particularly useful to diagnose, treat and monitor diseases, including most cancers; to provide immediate life-saving treatment to stroke victims; and, to quickly access major trauma patients and determine their internal injuries.

There is one CT Scanner used for testing at the QEH, which annually performs approximately 11,500 scans. Purchase of a state-of-the-art CT Scanner will include valuable post-processing technology and exceptional imaging to deliver even higher diagnosis accuracy.

Rhonda Lewis, RN, QEH Grateful Patient

“I walked into the QEH five days a week for 23 years – I never imagined I’d be wheeled in from an ambulance.” 

As a registered nurse from Cable Head, PEI, Rhonda Lewis walked herself into the QEH, five days a week, for 23 years. Never did she think she’d be wheeled in by ambulance.

At the age of 46, Rhonda was having a stroke and quickly became the patient, spending more than three months getting back on her feet, literally, at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 


Julie Hambly, Campaign Chair

“I’m honoured to chair this year’s QEH Annual Friends for Life Campaign, and hope that together we can make a difference in someone’s story.”








Dr. Kate Ellis, Physician Division Chair

“Having access to the most up to date equipment and technology is extremely important in our daily work. Our family, our neighbors, even the very patients we treat every day are helping us care for them, through their support to the Foundation and the purchase of medical equipment.”