Every year the QEH Annual Friends for Life Campaign focuses on raising funds to purchase priority medical equipment to assist the QEH hospital family in providing the best health care possible. Support from the community enables us to purchase life-saving, up-to-date medical equipment and technology to care for all Islanders in times of need. 

Essentially 100% of on-going medical equipment needs are funded by donations. Gifts of all sizes make a huge impact on patients of the QEH, their families, friends and communities. Please give today, and join an inspired community invested in health care in Prince Edward Island. 

This year, a top campaign priority is sight-saving surgical equipment that will allow retinal detachment surgery to be performed on PEI. 

Three pieces of equipment are needed to perform the surgery: 

Please join us in ensuring optimal health care for Islanders from tip to tip by Donating Now to this campaign! ‘Thank Q’


Meet Dr. Rosemary Herbert, Grateful Patient.  

“I remember leaning down to take a turkey out of the oven for our family dinner and suddenly dark, blotchy ‘floaters’ appeared in my right eye. I was suspicious I had a torn retina.

Dr. David McKenna, my optometrist at the time, had previously discussed my susceptibility to retinal tearing. He immediately referred me to QEH Ophthalmologist Dr. Suleiman Sefau who confirmed the tear and sent me to Halifax for emergency surgery. I made that emergency trip two more times, following a second tear in my right eye, and then one in my left.
The QEH Foundation is seeking your support to allow retinal repair surgeries to happen in PEI for the first time. With the right equipment in place, sight-saving surgeries can be performed here at home.

I am honoured to share my retinal detachment story during this important campaign for a hospital that will always hold a special place in my heart. The QEH is home to many wonderful friendships among my nursing colleagues while I was an instructor with the PEI School of Nursing, and later in my time as a faculty member and as the Dean
of the UPEI School of Nursing.

Join me in supporting hundreds of Islanders who require this emergency service every year. Please give what you can to support this year’s campaign.”

-Rosemary Herbert 
Grateful Patient 

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