2023 Annual Friends for Life Campaign

Meet Michelle Hughes, or Momma, as she’s more referred to by her 3 kids: Juliet, Adeline, and Hatton. 

In 2021, a week before a scheduled CT scan, she collapsed on the floor as pain took over her entire body. They immediately drove from Argyle Shore to the QEH emergency department, where she was wheeled down the winding halls from the trauma room to the CT scanner. 

Further tests and consults would conclude that she has an ultra-rare and incurable sarcoma cancer that cannot be detected through ultrasound, which is why it had been missed before. 

That CT was the first step to her diagnosis which also started her journey to just live; seeing and creating joy in the often overlooked.

The video tells a story of Michelle’s journey through reproductive surgery, miscarriage, loss, and stage-four terminal cancer. Throughout it all, Michelle shares a message of hope, a message to “just live”, and a message of gratitude for her incredible QEH health care team.

A heartfelt thank you to Michelle, her family, our QEH health care teams, and Confound Films for their tremendous support in the making of this film.

The QEH emergency department needs its own CT scanner.

Every year, our Annual Friends for Life Campaign focuses on raising funds to purchase priority medical equipment to assist the QEH family in providing the best health care possible. Support from the community enables us to purchase life-saving, up-to-date medical equipment and technology to care for all Islanders in times of need.

Essentially, the majority of the hospital’s medical equipment needs are funded by donations. Gifts of all sizes make a huge impact on patients of the QEH, their families, friends and communities.

This year, we need your help to raise funds for a dedicated CT scanner in the QEH emergency department.

A dedicated CT scanner for the QEH emergency department will:

  • Allow emergency staff to quickly assess major trauma patients and their internal injures. 
  • Allow more rapid access to essential brain imaging for stroke patients, as time is crucial in stroke treatment.” 
  • Increase the availability of the existing CT scanner in the diagnostic imaging department, which performs close to 12,000 scans per year.
  • Help to reduce wait times for patients.
  • Reduce the need to transport critically ill patients within the hospital. 

“It is enormously stressful for nurses and physicians who accompany unstable patients to the CT scanner, knowing we are leaving the emergency department and its equipment behind.  With a CT scanner in our department, crucial assessments can happen close to our well-resourced trauma room.

Dr. Nicole Green
QEH Emergency Physician

At an estimated cost of $1.3 million, a dedicated CT scanner for the emergency department is a gift for QEH patients and staff.

Your support ensures the health care team can provide the best possible care to your family, friends, and neighbours through the purchase of this life-saving medical equipment for the QEH Emergency Department. We hope you can join us in supporting this year’s campaign and contributing to the future of health care in PEI.

Additional equipment needs:

  • ICU Central Monitoring System & Cardiac Monitors
  • Nuclear SPECT-CT
  • Radio Frequency Ablation for Pain Clinic 
  • Mini C-Arm for
  • Orthopedics
  • Blanket Warmers
    … and more!