Canada cycles for Kids “CCFK” have two passions in life; cycling, and helping children. By leveraging our love for cycling, we have been organizing bicycle fundraising tours for the past 22 years, and making an impact on the lives of sick children across the country.

Our inaugural fundraising tour in 2002, CCFK, cycled from Vancouver to Montreal, raising over $180,000.00. We continued our adventure as we crisscrossed various parts of Canada; some trips as, Halifax to Montreal in 2010, Calgary to Vancouver in 2014, Charlottetown to Montreal in 2017, Newfoundland in 2019, and the Yukon in 2022, completing the Canadian provincial landscape. To date, CCFK has cycled over 20,000 kilometers and raised more than $2,100,00.00 with all proceeds going to various organizations across the country who help children.

Your donation this year will support the purchase of priority medical equipment for the Pediatrics Unit at the QEH – Prince Edward Island’s largest hospital.