Faces of the QEH


Faces of the QEH – Marshall and Gillian Profitt

“This is our way of giving back to community”

Chances are Marshall and Gillian Profitt are familiar faces to you at the QEH.  They have been volunteering in various areas of the hospital for the last three years, assisting staff and patients, and have been enjoying every minute of it. Read More


Faces of the QEH – Brendon McKenna

“Patient safety is our biggest mandate”

Accepting the position of Biomedical Engineering Technologist at the QEH in 1998 was not a difficult decision for Brendon McKenna. “The work we do here and the technology we get to work with is amazing,” says Brendon. The QEH houses over 1,500 devices and the biomedical department needs to understand how each piece works. Read More


Faces of the QEH – Kara McQuaid-Duffy

“Kindness, caring and compassion are what people remember”

For over 25 years Kara McQuaid-Duffy has been supporting oncology patients of the QEH during their most difficult moments. Kara began her career in 1989 at the QEH as a front-line nurse and worked in that capacity until 2013, when she began a new role as the Clinical Nurse Lead in the Cancer Treatment Centre at the QEH. She now works closely with front-line nurses, educating and supporting them in delivering the best care possible to patients. Read More


Faces of the QEH – Kristin Doherty

Knowledge and Education about Mental Health is Key

Kristin Doherty is a self-proclaimed people person and knew early on that she wanted to pursue a career where she could work closely with people that needed help. She has found that at the QEH and has worked as a nurse in the Psychiatry Unit for the past seven years, within a close-knit team of nurses, occupational therapists, social workers and psychiatrists. Read More


Faces of the QEH – Evie, Bucko and Chance

“Therapy dogs bring joy to patients visiting the QEH Emergency Room”

There are now three beautiful Shih Tzus that can be found at the QEH Emergency Room twice a week: Evie, Bucko and Chance. Thanks to an idea hatched in 2015 between Joan Coffin, QEH Social Worker and Mike MacDonald, QEH Emergency Room Nurse Manager, a collaboration with Therapeutic Paws of Canada, PEI chapter, has resulted in therapy dogs bringing comfort to patients waiting in the QEH ER.  Read More

In photo from left to right: Joan Coffin, Earla Moore holding Evie, and Wendy Bonnell holding Chance.