Eric Gallant – Grateful Patient

Dear Fellow-Islander,
I grew up in Georgetown, and like many of my friends, I worked at the local shipyard and seafood processing plant. At 21 years old, I became a guard at the jail in Georgetown and went on having a 30-year career at the Provincial Correctional Centre.

Until recently, I considered myself healthy and enjoyed weightlifting, playing hockey and golfing. However, in the winter of 2014, I had a recurring nasal infection, and after several months of visits to medical specialists, I received a diagnosis of Stage 4 Nasopharyngeal Cancer. The cancer had spread to my spinal column and chest, and was trying to get into my brain. They told me I had 1 year to live!

Thanks to my ‘Down East’ upbringing and values, there was no choice but to FIGHT! I told my doctors I was ready for a battle.

In January 2015, the QEH became my second home and I began treatment, which included aggressive chemo- therapy and radiation. Later that year I learned I was going to be a grandfather, another great reason to beat the cancer!

With cancer, you sometimes feel like you are the only one but when you go to the PEI Cancer Treatment Centre and meet the incredible staff, you never feel alone. Sitting in one of those big chairs, along with the other patients, I never felt isolated. I was surrounded by the most caring and thoughtful people I had ever met.

I hope by sharing my story I inspire others who are experiencing cancer to continue fighting! I also want to encourage everyone who is able to donate at this time, to support the funding for a new CT Simulator for the PEI Cancer Treatment Centre. Please give what you can!

Thank you,
Eric Gallant
Retired Correctional Officer, Father and Grandfather

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