Kaye, Pat, Joan, Jean, Linda, Barb & Gayle

Volunteering at the hospital has given me a deeper feeling for life. It makes me appreciate every day.” – Barb Rigney, QEH volunteer.

Together, the following women have donated over 40,000 hours (42,116 to be exact) of their time to bring comfort to patients and their families receiving care at the QEH.


Kaye MacLeod started volunteering 30 years ago by visiting people on the floors before moving to the information desk. When the new hospital (QEH) opened she started volunteering with pastoral care. “What I enjoy most is when I leave a patients room and they call me by name,” said Kaye.

Gayle MacDonald remembers one lady who was really sick. She asked her if she wanted to get her hair done and she said she would love to. She said, there’s no sense in being sick and looking it too. If I look better, it might make me feel better.

These seven women all have different reasons for volunteering but it’s the friendships they have formed with fellow volunteers, staff and patients that is most rewarding.

To learn more about the volunteer opportunities available at the QEH, please contact 902-894-2003.


In photos from left: Kaye MacLeod (7042 hrs), Pat Morrison (4349 hrs), Joan Brown(7687 hrs), Jean Green (5230 hrs), Linda Petrie (3924 hrs), Barb Rigney (4229 hrs) and Gayle MacDonald (9655 hrs).