Faces of the QEH – Grant MacLeod

Illuminating the Path

As a teenager Grant recognized how much he enjoyed interacting with people of all ages, whether it be children, people his own age or seniors. His decision to enter the health care profession as an Occupational Therapist was motivated by the fact that he would have an opportunity to work with an assortment of people, in a variety of ways, every single day.

Grant describes occupational therapy as a person’s day to day function. “If somebody has had a change in their life through a car accident, a stroke or an amputation, this has a huge impact on a person. It can affect their work, their ability to drive and cooking their own meals.” Working with a team of professionals including doctors, nurses, physical therapists and speech pathologists, Grant assess a patient’s abilities and works with them to set goals and supports them in achieving those goals. 

When asked about the impact OT’s have on a patient, Grant said “OT’s are some of the key professionals that help people return back home after being in the hospital and have a large impact on a person’s quality of life. They illuminate a path that a person can move towards so a person can achieve a goal they want to achieve.”

Grant finds his job at the QEH extremely rewarding, saying “When I see somebody that has worked hard to achieve a goal that they themselves deem as important, that’s a huge payoff for me, that’s my favourite thing.”