Faces of the QEH – Julie Cole-Vokey

The Information Treasure Hunt

Growing up in North Granville PEI, Julie’s path originally took her to St. Thomas University in Fredericton where she began working towards a law degree. It was here that she took interest in the law library and enjoyed utilizing their various resources. With her interest piqued, she realized Library Science was the right path for her. “What brought me to Library Science was working on complex projects in school. I loved the treasure hunt of finding the right materials and that feeling remains today. It’s the thrill of finding the right resource that meets a person’s needs, in as little steps as possible or as cost effective as possible,” says Julie.  With this newfound passion for libraries, Julie changed her career path and was accepted into the Dalhousie University’s School of Management program and received her Masters in Library and Information Studies, graduating in 2003.

Julie knew that eventually she wanted to come back home to PEI and felt it was destiny when an opportunity in Library Services presented itself at the QEH in 2007. It was just two years later that she added a second service point to her role, in telehealth and videoconferencing, which Julie believes was a natural transition. “It has been such an interesting swing in the library field within technology, especially in the last 20 years or so.”

Julie enjoys coming to work each day, and contributes that to the small but mighty team she works with. “It’s a fantastic network to work within health, especially the QEH. It’s a really community-driven environment, which I love. I’ve met a lot of people and its rewarding working within a team environment where everybody has a common goal to improve health.”

Around the QEH Julie is known for her positive personality and confident and supportive nature. In her
 spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and many may be surprised to find out that this librarian owns and rides a Harley! It had been on her bucket list for years and now her and her husband, Derrick, enjoy spending their free time together on the open road. All in all Julie considers herself fortunate. “I feel lucky to work within this field, and that’s rewarding in and of itself, so that’s pretty fantastic.”