Faces of the QEH – Kilby Rinco

Small Gifts can make Huge Impact

It’s all about the patients and safely getting them the right medication in a timely fashion,” says Kilby Rinco, QEH Pharmacy Manager. “It’s very rewarding when you are able to find a solution for people when they are having an issue with their health.” Kilby was drawn into the health care field after witnessing relatives coming home from work each day with a sense of excitement and accomplishment. She realized at an early age that pharmacy was the right fit for her. There is no typical day for Kilby – her time is spent working with patients, physicians, nurses, community pharmacists, partners and, of course, her dedicated team in the QEH Pharmacy Department.

As this year’s iDonate QEH Family Staff Giving Campaign Chair, Kilby recognizes the importance of giving back to the QEH. “Five years working at the QEH has really opened my eyes to the importance of raising money to purchase medical equipment the hospital requires.”  

Kilby looks forward to bringing awareness to how staff can contribute to continuing to provide quality care to Islanders, right here at home. “If staff come together and give, even give a little, it can have a big impact on medical equipment purchasing.  An easy way to give is through the iDonate QEH Family Staff Giving Campaign , which are bi-weekly donations made through payroll deductions.” As a contributor herself, Kilby proudly wears her iDonate pin. “When staff begin their bi-weekly contributions they are given an iDonate pin.  When worn, this lets patients and colleagues know that you are giving back. I’m amazed to see what Islanders and staff of the QEH can do when they come together.”