Faces of the QEH – Paul Hoar

Keeping it in the family!

In grade six, Paul’s teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.  His answer was simple, “I’m going to work with my dad”.  And he was right!  Today, Paul is a 5th generation Prosthetic/Orthotic Technician… just like his father was.

Immediately following high school, Paul jumped on a plane and headed straight to Toronto where he completed the prosthetics and orthotics technicians program at George Brown College in 1989.  He then worked at the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre for 12 years before moving to PEI.  Today, he is an integral part of the Physical Medicine team at the QEH and has been since 2000. 

Paul is known around the QEH as the guy who can “get the job done”.  Paul loves a challenge and he enjoys being in his work space and focusing on the task at hand.  Each day is different and Paul thrives off of the variety that his position provides him.

What is Paul most proud of?  It’s got to be Kenny’s chair!  When asked to refit an armrest, Paul went a few steps further!  “I took the whole seat apart and did the entire chair in camo”.   Paul had a smile from ear to ear when I asked him to tell me more about this project.  “Strangers are coming up to me in the hallway asking if I’m the guy who did Kenny’s wheelchair.   It feels great.”

It’s not just the camo chair that is turning heads.  Paul has been working on an extra special project – Terry Fox’s prosthetic leg!  Well, it’s not actually Terry’s prosthetic  but it’s as close as you’ll get.  Paul’s attention to detail is impeccable!  After stumbling across the exact same knee used to make Terry’s prosthetic, Paul had an idea and ran with it!  The result is an exact replica which will be on display later this year in lobby at the QEH and word has it that a representative from the Terry Fox Foundation might be stopping by to check it out!!

It’s rare that Paul takes a vacation but when he does you won’t find him sitting on a beach for a week.  He likes to be busy and that includes hunting with his dog Gunner.