Faces of the QEH – Paula Triantafillou

“At some point in time, everybody will need the services of the QEH.”

At 18 years and counting, Paula Triantafillou, RN, is the veteran of the Endoscopy Department in the QEH Ambulatory Care Centre. In that time she has seen Endoscopy evolve with many new therapies and procedures that are supported with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. “When I started here, there were four stretchers,” says Paula. “Today, the Endoscopy Suite at the QEH is the largest east of Montreal, with over 4,000 out-patients treated annually.”

The days are always busy with patients receiving varying treatments; many that are lengthening their lives and increasing quality of life. In the run of a day Triantafillou and her team will see new patients and also many familiar faces. “We have a lot of patients that come in and say, ‘Oh good, you’re here, I’m so happy to come through these doors and see you!’,” says Paula. “They know us, and they trust us.”

Paula says it’s the team she works with that keeps the Endoscopy Suite running like clock-work. “It’s a great group of people, from the nurses, the doctors, the schedulers, the housekeepers, and the MDRT’s.”

Paula knows first-hand the importance of receiving health care here, at home, in PEI and it is a big reason why she contributes to the iDonate QEH Family Staff Giving Campaign, which are bi-weekly donations made through payroll deductions.  “Ten years ago I was on the other side and I was a patient,” explains Paula. “The care that I received and the support that my family and I received from the people in this building was incredible.”

“At some point in time, everybody in our province is going to either personally need, or have a friend or family member who will need the services of this hospital,” says Paula. “It was a very easy decision to choose to give to the QEH.”