Faces of the QEH – Stephanie Bell

“It is truly an honour to work in this profession”

Family Medicine Resident Stephanie Bell knew early on that becoming a family doctor was her dream. Originally from Toronto, she chose the Island do complete her medical residency program. “I was keen to join a smaller residency program, in a smaller community that allowed me to gather experience in different scopes of practice,” says Stephanie. “I fell in love with the Island and the people pretty quickly and my partner and I have made our home here.”

Stephanie’s days in residency are varied as every four weeks she trains with different specialties such as internal medicine, emergency and obstetrics. “In a nutshell, I would describe a ‘typical’ day as starting off with rounds at the hospital, and then I head to the office for a full day of patient visits,” says Stephanie. “The most rewarding moments are when you walk into a hospital room and you see relief on your patients face. In this moment, you know that there is nothing else you could or should be doing. It is truly an honour to work in this profession.”

In addition to Stephanie’s busy residency schedule, she is the organizer for the 2018 QEH/PCH Bedpan Trophy Relay, taking place on June 16. This year there are 15 teams competing in this 12-leg, 60km relay race on the Confederation Trail from Winsloe to Summerside. The teams are comprised of physicians and staff from both the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Prince County Hospital and funds raised support the purchase of medical equipment for their respective foundations. The coveted prize is a bedpan trophy.

Stephanie ran in the relay in 2016, one day after her move to PEI. “Very quickly I got to meet an incredible group of people. Everyone was excited to be outside, running with colleagues and working to raise money for the QEH and PCH,” says Stephanie. “It was a fabulous introduction to the Island.” In 2017 she organized the prizes and donations for the relay winners and this year took the lead of organizing the event. “I love this event because it’s not only an opportunity to support the QEH and PCH, but it gets people involved in physical activity and allows participants to get together and engage in something fun and competitive at the same time.”

If you would like to pledge your support to the Bedpan Trophy Relay, donations can be made online at , or, or over the phone by calling the QEH Foundation at 902-894-2425, or the PCH Foundation at 902-432-2547.