It has been just over a year since Gary Rayner suffered a stroke and began his journey of healing.

“It had been a typical morning – I hadn’t gone for a run on that day, so I was up and dressed and in the kitchen when my head started feeling not quite right – I knew something was happening.” Gary Rayner

Thankfully Gary’s wife Lynda and their daughter Sophie (visiting from off Island) are both health care professionals recognized the signs and called 911. It wasn’t long until Gary was in an ambulance followed closely by his family, and on their way to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

They were met by Dr. Gordie Beck, QEH ER Physician and given a CT Scan to ensure it was safe to administer the lifesaving, clot-busting medication; and that was the first day of Gary’s one month 
 inpatient stay at the QEH.

Day by day, and through great determination in his three daily therapy sessions, Gary began to heal.

“We were grateful to have the services here and close to home. It meant that myself and our three children, Ben, Sophie and Sam could be close and Gary could leave on passes to go out to the cottage –a place of healing for him!” Lynda Rayner

After one month he was discharged, but continued to receive outpatient rehabilitation care beginning five days a week and then slowly reducing the days of care.

Recovering from his stroke has taken hard work, but that is something Gary has been well-known for over 40 years of building his business, The Travel Store.

“We almost didn’t want to leave the care of the QEH, but the therapists and our care team assured us we were ready to ease into our lives again”. Gary Rayner