Grant and Nancy Rackham – Wheatley River, PEI

Grant and Nancy Rackham 008

September 4, 2012, was a regular Wednesday morning for the Rackham family of Wheatley River.

Nancy and her son Steven were in her kitchen preparing for the workday. Her husband Grant, an electrician, had already left to begin electrical work on the New Glasgow Fire Hall.

As Nancy sat at the kitchen table, little did she know that after asking her son for a glass of milk her life would change forever.

As Steven poured her a glass, Nancy’s arm suddenly fell off the kitchen table, pulling a stack of papers on to the floor. She could not lift her arm back on to the table.

Luckily, her son quickly identified the signs – Nancy was suffering from a stroke.

His first call was to 911. His second call was to his father. Grant has been a volunteer firefighter in the community for over 35 years, so Steven knew he would soon be getting the news through an emergency page.

Never did Grant Rackham believe he would be at the fire hall when a 911 call in came from his own home.

After a flurry of activity and an ambulance transfer to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Nancy was being promptly cared for by a team of expert medical professionals in the emergency department. Grant credits their fast actions for ultimately saving his wife’s life.

After a close call, extensive rehabilitation, and a lot of determination, Nancy is now back at home with her husband. Although she has reduced mobility on her right side, her speech and communication have improved significantly, which is something very meaningful as a lifetime music teacher and choir member in her community.

Both Nancy and Grant are so grateful for the care they received and continue to receive right here at home on PEI. They know things could have been much different had they had to go off-Island for the specialized care Nancy required. Since her stroke, Nancy has been surrounded by her dedicated family and friends, her very supportive community and her team of healthcare professionals at the QEH.


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