Mary and Fred’s Gift to the QEH NICU

Wo He Lo Family Connections

Mary (nee Hyndman) Laflamme has a lifelong connection to Wo He Lo.

Wo He Lo is a group of approximately twenty-five women who fund raise to support PEI’s smallest and most fragile infants and their families who need care at the QEH.

Mary’s mother, the late Etta Hyndman, was a member for more than 40 years and, like many other Wo He Lo members, Mary followed in her mother’s footsteps and enthusiastically joined when the opportunity presented itself.

“I knew all about Wo He Lo as a child and would help serve tea when meetings were held in our home,” says Laflamme. “While living in Kingston, Ontario for more than 23 years, I received regular updates about the clothing sales and other events as they raised funds for costly equipment.”

“When I retired and returned to PEI, one of the first things I did was join Wo He Lo,” says Mary. “It’s been such a rewarding and thoughtful way to help families in need. We work as a team all year long and especially during the two clothing sales which have always been very successful.” 

“Wo He Lo is continuing to help the QEH neonatal ICU, despite the cancellation of this year’s spring and fall clothing sales, due to Covid-19,” adds Laflamme. “We are confident we can raise enough to purchase the new Giraffe Omnibed that costs $72,000. To date, we have raised $53,000.”

Her husband, Fred, says their family is committed to helping the QEH. They had a major scare early in the summer when Mary had a very serious anaphylactic reaction and was rushed to the QEH Emergency Department.

“She received such outstanding care and coincidentally it was around the same time we were mailed our tax-free Old Age Security (OAS) payments from the Canadian government,” says Fred. “As fate would have it, I had just helped create a volunteer group with some old school chums, called “SeniorsGivingBack”.

“The premise for the formation of our group was that 6.7 million seniors across Canada would each soon be receiving $300.00 (tax free) from the Canadian Government. We argued some would need the money to help get through the Covid-induced rough patch but that there would also be many who would not require the Fed’s tax free gift as their living expenses had actually declined. (Cancelled travel plans, fewer dinners out, reduced entertainment costs etc). What an opportune time to make a donation to the charity of their choice with “free” money. And, any donation will result in a tax credit next spring. Mary and I decided to take our two tax free Federal payments and gift them to the QEH under the auspices of SeniorsGivingBack, It was a painless and ideal way to recognize staff and their commitment to Mary’s care while benefiting a cause precious to all Islanders.”

“In light of the fundraising challenges facing Wo He Lo due to Covid-19, Mary and I would encourage PEI residents and especially seniors who may find the $300.00 a dispensable gift at this time, to consider donating it in whole or in part to the QEH Foundation in the name of Wo He Lo by visiting their website, Your gift will make a lasting impression where it’s needed most!”


For more information, please contact:

Helen Chapman, Director of Communications and Donor Relations

QEH Foundation

(902) 894-2432/902-394-3973