Marlene Cairns

We say good-bye to a special friend, Marlene Cairns. In 2003, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was always eager to share with everyone her cancer journey to help others. From the first time we met her, we felt inspired by her enthusiasm for life and her infectious smile. Even her mother-in-law Theresa Cairns volunteered in our Foundation office. Sending love and prayers to the Cairns family.

“Being diagnosed with cancer can be, and is, very scary, and it’s really important not to have that added stress of off-Island travel, and to be able to get your chemotherapy and radiation treatment here at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  It’s important to sleep in your own bed at night, to be with your family, and be close to your friends, because their support is invaluable.  As a patient going through what’s considered a very big trauma in their life, you just can’t measure how important the care at the QEH is.

Marlene knows her situation isn’t ideal, but approaches her life with a positive outlook and doesn’t plan on giving up!  She says she’s very thankful for the amazing staff at the QEH.

“Take advantage of the moment.  If the moment is too much, take advantage of the second!  I love being alive!”