Melvin Gallant, Mont Carmel

In September of 2013, Melvin Gallant of Mont Carmel was helping fix the foundation of a community building when something happened that would change his life.

As the work proceeded, the foundation let go and the building fell and Melvin’s left leg was caught. His right leg landed in a window well, but unfortunately a small nail ripped his calf muscle.

Melvin was rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where doctors worked quickly against worsening odds to repair the damage to his leg.  For 45 minutes there was no circulation in his leg.  One minute before doctors were prepared to perform an operation to remove part of his leg, the circulation started!

After recovering from the surgery, Melvin began the long road to rehabilitation and his positive attitude helped things go smoothly.

As he looks forward to the future, he says, “What is passed is passed”! Melvin is not only grateful to be alive, but also grateful for the exceptional care he received at the QEH.