Neil Macdonald

Last March, Neil MacDonald awoke to pain and discomfort, suffering from a bleed in his upper GI tract.  Knowing the condition was serious, Neil headed immediately to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for medical attention.

Surgery soon followed, and although everything seemed to go well, within days he developed a ruptured bowel.

The MacDonald family operated an ambulance service for many years and was accustomed to the quality care at the QEH, and they felt the sense of relief to know Neil would get compassionate, competent care.

Back in his own home recovering from his second operation, Neil realized the outcome may have been different had it not been for the fast action of the staff at the QEH.  “I don’t know where you’d go to find better facilities in our own backyard. We’re lucky to have the QEH in Prince Edward Island,” he reflects.

His family agrees.  “Supporting the QEH is a great thing!” says his son Doug.