Michelle’s Story

August 2022

Michelle Massiah with her husband and children.

The QEH performs approximately 8,000 surgical and invasive procedures per year, including emergency surgeries. Michelle Massiah was shocked when she received the news that she needed hip replacement surgery; she was only in her thirties and had just given birth to her second child.

After hip replacement surgery at the QEH, she can now get back to enjoying the simple things, like being able to get sleep at night and enjoy a beautiful walk on the beach with her family.

“The biggest thing for me was that I couldn’t really look after my youngest child by myself,” says Michelle. “She would run away and I couldn’t go get her. That has been the biggest thing, I can now pick my kids up and dance with them or go for a walk on the beach.”

In 2021, QEH Foundation donors funded more than $1.68 million worth of equipment for the QEH Surgical Services, including equipment to support hip replacement surgery.

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