Your Generosity Advanced Cardiac Care

Thanks to the kindness of donors and the expertise of specialized cardiac staff, lives are being saved. Recently, we have witnessed incredible growth with the most transformational upgrade to cardiac care coming close to reality at the QEH. The Foundation committed $1 million for state-of-the-art cardiac equipment and technology that will be fully implemented in the coming year.

These advancements include:

  • Patient monitoring system for Emergency
  • ECG management system
  • Ambulatory blood pressure system
  • Stress testing system
  • Holter monitoring system
  • Echo machines
  • Cardiac event monitors

Gerard Gould from Scotchfort, PEI understands the importance of having the latest equipment and technology available after suffering a massive heart attack in late March 2021. After defying the odds and recovering from extensive damage to his heart, many refer to him as a ‘walking miracle’.

“I don’t think anyone expected me to be standing here today, including me. It is with the grace of God, the incredible staff who work at the QEH especially Internist Dr. Matthew Boyd and the love of my beautiful wife Tara and our twin boys, Nate and Chase. I have an entire new appreciation of our PEI health care system.”

Gerard is 42 years old and is the Health Director for the Abegweit Wellness Centre in Scotchfort.

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