PEI Visitors Call QEH Their Hospital Away From Home

Coburg Ontario residents Bill and Delphine Patchett were simply enjoying a family visit on P.E.I. while their grand-daughter was studying to be a veterinarian in Charlottetown.

A few days into their stay, Bill collapsed and is now forever grateful that his family called the ambulance and got him to the QEH Emergency Department.

The Patchetts are singing the praises of the QEH and never imagined they would experience such life-threatening complications in another province and be so overwhelmed by the level of care they received.

QEH Infectious Disease Consultant Dr. Greg German, was contacted to help solve why Mr. Patchett developed sepsis with blood poisoning.  

“Mr. Patchett was fortunate that he sought emergency room care when he did as his blood pressure crashed in the ER and he was quickly started on strong antibiotics, a few hours later and he may not have survived.” Dr. German said.

Staff in the QEH laboratory expertly calculated that his blood infection was from his long term IV line rather than four other possibilities that sped up his appropriate management. 

Now discharged he goes to Same Day Treatment Services at the QEH, where he can convalesce on the Island rather than being transferred back to hospital in Ontario.

Nursing staff in the same day treatment run a 35 to 40 person clinic each day which helps patients get home sooner as in Mr. Patchett’s case and keeps countless patients out of the emergency room each week. 

“The nursing staff and I work very closely together to manage the infections of our Islanders,” says Dr. German.

The Patchetts are forever grateful that critical care was available close by, and thankful to the team in the emergency department, all the specialists, the nurses and student nurses, as well as support staff that helped and are still assisting in his recovery.

“We loved the hospitalists who cared for Bill and the fact they work several days in a row,” says Mrs. Patchett.

“It was a blessing as it meant they were familiar with my husband’s condition. This is something we would not have experienced in our own hospital and we were also very impressed with the patient care rooms located in emergency. Having such quality patient rooms throughout would be a gold standard for any acute care hospital in the country. ”

Her husband Bill agrees.

“There is a certain love and compassion we experienced here on Prince Edward Island. Everyone did a remarkable job in providing care. Their perfection and thoroughness has kept me healthy and alive, without them I would be not be here today.”

He has a message for Islanders.

“I want to tell everyone who lives on the Island, and I am sure they don’t realize how fortunate they are to have such a state-of-the-art hospital in their midst. All the staff does their job and they do it well. I am an active member of the hospital’s foundation in Coburg and also a proud Rotarian and I know the QEH measures up to any hospital in Canada.  As a thank you, we will be making a gift of shares transfer in the coming weeks as we want Islanders to know how important their hospital is in keeping patients healthy and strong.”

Bill will be receiving care for another few weeks at the QEH before heading back to Ontario.