QEH COVID ease back medical equipment needed – May 15, 2020

QEH RNs (L to R): Stacey Turnbull, Cynthia Adams, and Jennifer Mackay.

CHARLOTTETOWN – As the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) begins its ease back phase of the COVID-19 pandemic response, additional priority medical equipment has been identified for the QEH Foundation.

Tracey Comeau, QEH Foundation CEO, says new medical equipment is needed, and commitment requested from the QEH Foundation, to ensure the hospital can resume services while respecting enhanced monitoring and planning for the safety of patients and staff. 

“We are very grateful to donors who supported critical COVID preparation needs, to date. As QEH moves into this next phase, additional medical equipment has been requested, at a cost of $72,000,” says Comeau. “This new equipment will provide our Island’s main referral hospital with enhanced capabilities to assist healthcare providers in treating patients, now and moving forward.”

Kathy Larter, NICU and Maternal-Child Nurse Manager, says two new systems are needed to restore the use of nitrous oxide, which has been restricted at the QEH after concerns relating to potential COVID-19 transmission.

“Nitrous oxide is not only used for sedation and pain relief during childbirth, it is also administered as inhalation medication for children undergoing painful procedures. New Scavenging Nitrous Oxide Systems will allow for the safe delivery of gas while reducing the risk for exposure to others in the room.”

Larter says there is an immediate need for two systems at the QEH, one for the labour and delivery and another for pediatrics unit. The total cost for both systems is $20,000.

An additional $52,000 is required for patient monitors in the Dr. Joseph A. & Eileen McMillan Ambulatory Care Centre, to allow increased recovery room capacity.  

“Patient monitors serve an important role in endoscopy, as patients recovering from sedation must be continuously monitored to ensure vital signs remain stable,” says Tracy Diamond, Manager of Ambulatory Care Centre. “In a fast-paced and high turnover environment, the new monitors will allow an increase in recovery room capacity to accommodate the many Islanders whose procedures were postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Donors can support the QEH Foundation’s fundraising efforts in addressing COVID recovery needs by visiting, calling the Foundation office at 902-894-2425, or by mail.


For more information, contact:
Helen Chapman, Director Communications and Donor Relations