QEH Foundation launches 2019-20 Annual Friends for Life Campaign – November 7, 2019

To kick-off the 2019-20 annual Friends for Life campaign today, Dr. Larry Pan (left), QEH Radiation Oncologist and Head of Radiation Oncology, and Ed Lawlor, QEH Foundation Board Chair, accept a gift of $100,000 from Dorothy Johnston, President of the QEH Auxiliary. 

CHARLOTTETOWN – The QEH Foundation launched its 2019-20 Annual Friends for Life campaign today, with the introduction of grateful patients from across the Island, campaign cabinet and canvassers, as well as a gift presentation from the QEH Auxiliary.

This year’s campaign will focus on raising funds for a piece of equipment that will benefit Islanders from one end of the Island to the other. The most urgent priority identified this year is a new CT Simulator, used for radiation treatment planning in the PEI Cancer Treatment Centre at the QEH at a cost of $1.5 million.

To kick-start the campaign, Dorothy Johnston, President of the QEH Auxiliary, presented their gift of $100,000 toward the campaign.  

A new structure of the 2019-20 campaign cabinet is aligned with the Island-wide approach of the campaign, which has a campaign lead representing each county. “The PEI Cancer Treatment Centre provides specialty cancer care and radiation treatment to all Islanders,” explained Ed Lawlor, QEH Foundation chair. “We wanted our cabinet to reflect that as well.”

Valerie Docherty has been on the Foundation Board since 2018 and will be the Queens County Lead. Having a cancer care journey herself, Docherty finds this role especially meaningful. “I know that without the generosity of donors, I wouldn’t have been able to receive my own care close to home,” says Docherty. Also part of the cabinet this year is Dennis Rix from Alberton, as the Prince County Lead, and former Foundation Board Member, Karen Creighan from Souris, as the Kings County Lead.

QEH Radiation Oncologist and Head of Radiation Oncology, Dr. Larry Pan, noted that it is a phenomenal time to be treating cancer. “Using high precision radiation is like using a surgical knife in a non-invasive manner, it is that precise,” explains Dr. Pan. “We are now treating what was once thought to be the ‘untreatable’.”

Dr. Pan says the present CT Simulator is now past its life expectancy, which was purchased during the QEH Foundation’s Capital Campaign back in 2007-2009. “The new CT Simulator will produce even higher quality images to allow health care professionals to identify the exact location, shape and size of the tumor to be treated – without this equipment and technology, radiation treatment is not possible.”

To donate to the QEH Friends for Life Campaign, please call the QEH Foundation office at 902-894-2425, go online to or mail to the QEH Foundation, PO Box 6600, Charlottetown, PE C1A 8T5.

The QEH Foundation thanks the volunteer campaign cabinet, dedicated canvassers and generous donors for their continuing support of the QEH.