QEH Foundation Launches Campaign to Fund Equipment Needed for Emergency Care

NOVEMBER 24, 2022

Dr. Trevor Jain in the QEH Emergency Department. More than $1 million in priority medical equipment is needed for emergency care at the Island’s main referral hospital.

The QEH Foundation launches its 2022-23 Annual Friends for Life campaign today to support the QEH Emergency Department. More than $1 million in priority medical equipment is needed for emergency care at the Island’s main referral hospital.

“Islanders are still feeling the compounding effects of the global pandemic and the destructive hurricane that hit our province,” says QEH emergency physician Dr. Trevor Jain. “It is during these trying times that we are reminded of the crucial role that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital plays in emergency preparedness and response for PEI.”

Part of this preparedness is having the right medical equipment in place for the health care team, something that Dr. Jain says is important in reducing the extra cognitive load on care providers.

“When we’re in an intense situation, we know we’re not working with second-class gear,” says Dr. Jain. “We’re working with first-class, top-tier gear and we don’t have to troubleshoot. This makes our job so much easier and the patient directly benefits.”

Staff of the QEH have identified equipment needs in the emergency department as well as the intensive care unit and provincial laboratory at QEH.  Among those needs are a brain monitoring system, a hematology analysis system, and additional portable ultrasound machines.

Chair of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation John Gaudet says many Islanders, Islanders living away, and seasonal residents give an annual donation to the QEH at this time of year.

“We are pleased to have the familiar face of Dr. Trevor Jain lending support to this year’s campaign,” says Gaudet. “During the past few years, Islanders recognize his dedication to keeping us safe and we know how important emergency care is to our Island. We hope our community will continue to make QEH a priority for their giving this year.”

Gaudet adds the QEH Emergency Department is a gateway to our hospital, with an average 115 patient visits per day and approximately 42,000 patient visits per year in the department.

Preparing our hospital seems to be at the top of mind for many donors. This is the case for Suzanne Allan, a seasonal resident of PEI who made a donation to the QEH Foundation following news of the hurricane.   

“I was about to return to Ontario after a wonderful summer in Stanhope when Hurricane Fiona hit,” says Allan.  “I recently sold a small cottage and from that had assets with capital gains. I decided to transfer shares as a tax-efficient way to help the QEH Emergency Department and the Provincial Laboratory. These are both areas that come into play in the care of seasonal residents, and all Islanders.” 

The majority of medical equipment needs at the QEH are funded by donations. To donate to the QEH Foundation’s Friends for Life Campaign, please call the Foundation office at 902-894-2425, go online to www.qehfoundation.pe.ca or mail a cheque to the QEH Foundation, PO Box 6600, Charlottetown, PE C1A 8T5.  Donors from USA can donate online as well to US Friends of Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

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Kathleen Murphy
Director, Communications
QEH Foundation

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