Saint Dunstan’s University Board of Governors supports Island Hospital Foundations with $500,000 Legacy Gift – June 26, 2019

Albert Fogarty, left, Chair of SDU Board of Governors, presents a cheque to foundation representatives, from second left: Jean Cahill, Western Hospital Foundation; Heather Matheson, PCH Foundation; Ed Lawlor, QEH Foundation; Gertie Campbell, Eastern Kings Health Foundation; Roberta Hubley, Kings County Memorial Hospital Foundation; and, Eva Rodgerson, O’Leary Community Health Foundation.

CHARLOTTETOWN – Albert Fogarty, Chair of the Saint Dunstan’s University (SDU) Board of Governors, today visited the QEH to announce their support for Island hospital foundations.  SDU Board of Governors is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and established a Legacy Committee to mark this important milestone.

As a result, the Board announced a donation to all Island hospital foundations with a pledge of $500,000.  The QEH, being the largest hospital in the province, received a gift of $250,000 to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) Foundation to fund medical equipment for endoscopy.  Prince County Hospital (PCH) Foundation receives $100,000 for maternal/childcare; while the four regional hospital foundations will each receive gifts of $37,500.

“SDU Board of Governors is dedicated to continuing the historic mission of Saint Dunstan’s University,” says Ed Lawlor, chair of the QEH Foundation.  “We are so pleased they have decided to include health care in their celebrations by making a special announcement here at our Island’s major referral centre where specialized care is delivered to all Islanders.”

The mission of SDU Board of Governors is to provide support for Catholic education and to promote the advancement of the Catholic Church and its values on Prince Edward Island.

SDU Board of Governors is best known for delivery of many scholarships, grants and bursaries to students at UPEI as well as supporting students in high schools throughout the province. To assist students to continue to thrive in their communities, the Board felt both education and quality health care were extremely important to all Island families. 

“We recognize that SDU students came from every community, from North Cape to East Point, and many still live, work and have raised their children in those communities. Several of our alumni are now proud grandparents, so strengthening communities remains important,” says Fogarty. “By giving these gifts today, we feel we are leaving our mark in the communities of our alumni and also helping thousands of students well into the future.  

Charles Keliher, grateful patient, spoke about his first-hand experiences at the QEH Endoscopy suite and encouraged everyone to do routine “FIT” tests just as they are encouraged to have regular prostate and mammogram testing. 

“As someone who has had about 30 visits to the QEH Endoscopy suite, you need to take charge of your own body and all these simple tests go a long way to help in early diagnosis,” says Keliher.  “I would suggest my life has been saved because of early diagnosis and the many endoscopic tests that were conducted here over past 20 years.”

“As the Island’s main referral hospital, it is critical the QEH has the most up-to-date medical equipment to treat patients and we say thank-you for this incredible contribution, “says Dr. Alex Gillis, QEH Surgeon.

Gillis also stated that in 2018, the QEH treated more than 4,600 endoscopic patients with testing for the probability of cancers in the small and large intestine, lung, esophagus and stomach, as well as other gastro-intestinal disorders.

“Endoscopy is a way we look inside the body using a flexible tube, or scope, which has a small camera on the end of it,” adds Gillis. “These tests are non-surgical and less invasive than traditional methods, and our patients tell us they experience less pain and discomfort and with significantly reduced recovery times.”

QEH Foundation $250,000
PCH Foundation $100,000
Kings County Memorial Foundation $37,500
Eastern Kings Health Foundation $37,500
Western Hospital Foundation $37,500
O’Leary Community Health Foundation $37,500