namedsquareNamed Endowment
Donors wishing to establish a named endowment to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital can set up a Named Endowment Fund where the principal, contributed by the donor, is invested and only the income from the fund is spent. A contribution of $100,000 or more is required to establish a named endowment. The gift may be in the form of a one-time cash payment or a gift of securities, a pledge or a deferred gift. A donor may designate the income from a named endowment for specified or general purposes. In order to create a named endowment, a Named Endowment Agreement is prepared and signed by the donor.

Donors can direct their annual gift or a gift in memory of a loved to the QEH Foundation Endowment Trust Fund without creating a Named Endowment. There is no set donation amount and donors can contribute to the fund for a number of years. To learn more contact Tracey Comeau at 902-894-2509 or Barb Dunphy at 902-894-2494.